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Case Study: My Experience With Management


The Boons Of the Alternative Learning Platform

When asked about Education, there’s no doubt that the first thing you’d have in mind our schools, colleges or universities which is pretty much logical but aside from that, there’s also a new platform in town which is the Alternative Learning Platform, which opens a whole new form of learning for students. As its name suggests, the Alternative Learning Platform, is a form of education, which allows students to finish their basic education even if they do not have the capability to access educational institutions.

The novel quest of the Alternative Learning platform in the India, lies on the fact that the country has an array of kids which has no power or capability to deal with their basic education – the System is provided to help solve this problem. Due to their incapability to deal with their basic education, majority leaves school while many don’t even enter it, and this kind of situation can lead to many more problems in the country.

The basic and formal education we know is something that’s strict when it comes to requirements and personal situation of students which lead to varieties of problem – it is of utmost importance to emphasize that everyone has the right for education, specifically their basic education, and with the help of Alternative learning system, there’s now a platform for students to learn, which will take into account their situation in life and their needs.

Although the goal of providing an alternative means for other students to gain their education, is already a great boon and purpose for Alternative Education, it definitely doesn’t stop at just that, since they also make sure to spread the word about educational issues of today that must be addressed, in order to solve the destructive manner at which students are taught.

The Alternative Education in India, is something that’s definitely imbued with varieties of feature, in order to meet the goal and mission of the platform. The first feature that’s mostly visible from their site, is the page where you’ll see available learning spaces which you could join. This page consists of schools and people who could provide free education depending on your situation.

It is easy to see that the Alternative Learning Platform, sees the students’ situations with great importance, which is why there’s also a forum which you can join, to share your predicaments and where you may even get the help you need. Other features of the system could provide you with resources to use, blogs for more information and even become one of the core people who manage their platform.

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