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The Key Elements of Great Camping


How to Select the Perfect Camping Swag

Each camping swag has a unique design and properties depending on its manufacturer. But there’s always the perfect camping swag for you when you’re looking for something that suits your needs and is within your budget. Here’s a guide that can help you purchase the right product for a fulfilling camping experience.

Swag Material

Always choose a swag boasting great-quality construction with materials like canvas. The right material is dense enough and boasts superior resistance to wear and tear. Similarly, the swag fabric has to be rot proof, which helps when camping in wet areas.


If you’re shopping camping swags, expect three regular size specifications: single, king, and double sizes. Of the three variations, the single size swag is the smallest. On the other hand, the double size swag is a great fit if meant for occupation by two people.

Swag Design

Look for three common swag design options: the classic, the dome, and the tailor-made variety. Most bikers and hikers prefer the traditional design because the swag is easy to assemble and extremely light.

The dome type is a design that creates a “tunnel” or dome when put together. With this swag, there’s some installing to do with the help of ropes and posts. For sure, this swag occupies a larger space. Since no backpack is necessary to transport the swag, 4×4 tourists and motorcyclists love it.

The room that the dome swag generates between you and the cover above your head also makes it desirable. It also includes some meshwork that facilitates free airflow and prevents bug attacks.


The putting up of a dome swag utilizes a couple of posts. Important base frames, the poles are critical to the erect positioning of the camping swag. You have to identify steady posts as you’ll be using them multiple times each instance you’re installing or disassembling the swag. Normally, the best camping swags are equipped with posts of steel or a steel alloy. Such poles are steady, long-lasting, and can stand slight bending, hence their popularity. Fiberglass poles may also be used, but they have a tendency to break with time in case of consistent bending.

Mattress Design

Your camping swag will come with a pre-integrated mattress. Select a swag with a mattress that’s not too hard to hurt your back (or other body parts) while sleeping. Choose a mattress with the right balance of gentleness for your optimal comfort, without being to supple to the extent of contracting to the ground due to your weight.

Base your choice of a camping swag on a number of critical considerations. You may prioritize sturdiness of the swag fabric and poles, design, size, and mattress comfort.

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