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Transit of Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter, and Planets Saturn The year 2017 will have planets transits that are major. People are using transits to prepare approaches that mitigate influences which are negative for many years. The strategies help in producing a life that’s anxiety free in the life of a person. The planet transits in this year that are crucial are the planets that are moving slowly. The transits’ impacts will undoubtedly be felt for an extended time and the transits which are brief should not be ignored by individuals. Saturn is a planet that is strong and moves slowly. The signs of change that Saturn brings shake the life of people. After every two and a half years is when Saturn changes the signs. It takes about thirty years for Saturn to go through the zodiac. Around January Saturn started moving to Sagittarius two and a half year is a time that will take for the journey to be complete. Because the placement of Saturn is neutral considering that both Saturn and Jupiter belongs the positioning is comfortable. Saturn is associated with discipline and righteousness. The positioning of Saturn would assist in instilling fear in people and their actions of doing right or wrong. Another name for Saturn is the planet of reclusion while Jupiter is spirituality. The transit in Saturn in 2017 would be an approach for people in terms of religion and spirituality. How it will be set in a horoscope is what matters. If it is placed in a positive manner it will bring the life of a person back to track.
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It requires a year for Jupiter to transmit a change. The transit can give an important growth, success, and opportunities in the life of an individual. This planet is natural benefic which brings effects that are expansive. Jupiter signifies the male in the charts of females and the children. After about twelve decades, it transits over to the position of natal Jupiter. This is called the return of Jupiter which triggers events that are important. The planet brings joy, fortune, and luck.
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Ketu and Rahu move in a motion that is retrograde. They take around one and a half years to travel through the Zodiac signs. Rahu transits to cancer. Both planets move across each other and always together. Rahu moves back to Cancer from Leo because of the motion. Transits for this year are very likely to play with the stability of a person. There will be indecisiveness and negativity from these people’s minds. The period after the transit may be used in indulging in hobbies. Ketu this year’s transit is likely to trigger changes in the life of a person. A person can feel like bringing changes in the places of work.

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